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ISBN & Barcode

If you are planning to sell your book through commercial outlets, you will need to have the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and a barcode on the back cover. The ISBN is a system of numerical identification for books and other works that assigns a unique thirteen digit number to each published title. Publishers, bookstores and libraries use the ISBN to identify publications in order to expedite their handling, retrieval, ordering, inventory control and accounting. ISBN’s are provided free of charge through the Canadian ISBN Agency, Library and Archives of Canada. An ISBN number can be obtained on-line at the following website address:

Printorium Bookworks can generate the bar code for you and drop that on the back cover for you – or e-mail it to your designer.

Cataloguing In Publication

Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) is a free cooperative venture between publishers and libraries which enables books to be catalogued before they are published. This enables publishers to promote their new books by providing booksellers, wholesalers and librarians with advance information they can use to select and purchase books.

The CIP catalogue record is a brief description of a publication. It includes information such as author, title, series title, subject headings, and ISBN and classification numbers used by book buyers, readers and researchers to identify and locate publications. This record is created and arranged according to internationally established standards which make it possible to distribute information about publications throughout the world. For more information on the Cataloguing in Publication program look at the following link to the National Library of Canada website:


Indicate Copyright on all of your work. The format should include the international Copyright symbol, the date of publication or creation (even if you don’t plan to publish it) and the copyright holder’s name.

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