Fees and Payment

Fee Structure

Printorium Bookworks does not charge big package pricing; we are a book printer. You sign no contract with us and you print only the quantity of books you need. We will prepare a quote on your book printing requirements - to request a quote you can come see us in person, call us on the telephone (our number is listed at the right), or complete the Request for Estimate online form.

Setup and Proofing Fees

With every new book printing job, we charge a nominal set-up and proofing fee; the amount will depend on the type of book you will be printing and the type of file supplied to us. When we must spend extra time fixing your file, an additional cost will be charged to create print ready files. We never do extra file prep without giving you a written quotation as to the extra amount we must charge to arrive at a print ready file.

Upon proofing your book, if you decide you want to submit another file, you will be charged another proofing fee. The setup and proofing fee includes the cost of printing one book and integrating your file into our digital library for future re-prints.


We try to make reordering your book as quick and easy as possible. Once you have approved your proof copy, we store your “approved” file in our digital archive. When you need additional copies printed from the same file, just give us a call, or send an email to your sales representative. Please note that book printing prices are subject to change, so we will always try to give you a price quote before your book is reprinted.

Please note that if you wish to submit new files for your reprint, the setup and proofing fee(s) will be applicable again and we will prepare and ship a new proof copy for you before proceeding with additional copies.

Pricing (Or How Much is This Going to Cost)

Really, it depends on a lot of factors. Final pricing is based first of all on the type of book printing required; if it's black & white or colour, the finished size and the total number of pages in the book. Type of paper will also have an impact as well as extra options such as french flaps or cover laminating.

We don't want to you have any surprises - you will be supplied with a written quotation before we start so you're comfortable with the bottom line. Volume discounts are offered on larger quantities, but remember - you only need to print what you need or have sold.

Due to the nature of book printing, it is understood that delivery within 5% of the ordered quantity will be considered complete. Any overages or shortages will be charged/credited at the per unit book price unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing prior to commencement of work.

What does that mean? Well, we may end up with a few extra of your book when it's all said and done and if you want them, we'll add them onto your order at the same rate as the quantity you asked for. Alternatively, we may end up a few short and we'll credit your order accordingly so you don't pay for what isn't received.


Before we proceed with any book printing request we require a 50% deposit to be made at the time of order. The balance (50% plus all shipping costs) will be due prior to shipping the books to you.

We accept payment in cash, cheque, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

For established publishing companies in Canada doing business more than ten years we do offer credit terms. An Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. (parent company) Credit Application must be filled out and submitted for approval and a maximum credit limit will be established. Please allow 5 working days for credit approval to be obtained.